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Hello! If you’re reading this, you have probably heard about us or our services and you thin you can be a positive influence in this community.

If you’re thinking of a blog post for this site, please find the rquirements listed below. We highly encourage you to use it precisely as a checklist — literally, go through the points and ensure your draft satisfies all of these criteria.

When posts don’t hit these points, we usually have to decline them. At a minimum, they will be postponed them for several weeks at a time.

That said, here’s how to stay at the top of the pile!


The Basics

Starting with open-ended questions like these should give you a good indication of how experienced the freelance blogger is — if they can pointedly answer these questions, they are experienced enough to know what’s important to mention in their response. If you’re met with vague or generic answers, or they don’t ask intelligent follow-up questions that help narrow down their focus, they might be a generalist that isn’t specialized in your industry or blog writing, specifically. Or worse, they’re simply unprepared for your interview — not the person you’d like responsible for diligently creating content.

What types of content do you create?

Sometimes you’ll encounter a freelancer who writes a great whitepaper, but when faced with developing a compelling blog post, he or she can’t quite pull it off. Get your candidate talking about the types of content they write — blog posts, press releases, ebooks, printed books, business proposals, manuals, etc. A good freelance writer is capable of writing more than one content type, but listen for which assets they emphasize most, as some offer more transferable writing skills than others. Former journalists, for example, are more likely to make great bloggers than technical writers.

About what industries do you write?

Freelance writers can usually write about more than one industry, especially those that make their living off freelance writing full-time (more on that later). But if on their resume or during your interview, a candidate claims they are adept at writing about every industry, it’s more likely they are spreading themselves too thin. They are probably okayat writing about a lot, but not great at writing about anything. A good freelancer knows his or her limitations. If you’re interviewing someone who claims such a thing, ask for writing samples around your industry and those related to yours. For example, those in the marketing industry would also ask to see samples of writing about technology and business to see if their claims really hold up.

Describe the tones in which you’re comfortable writing.

Great freelance writers can adapt their tone based on the company for which they’re writing. If you’ve written a content style guide, you already know the exact tone for which you’re striving. See if they mention words that match those you’ve placed in your style guide — objective, humorous, balanced, lighthearted, etc. If your candidate is able to do this, they are likely naturals at adapting tone on a client-by-client basis. It also means they’ve probably read your blog content and have the ability to distill style and tone on their own. That’s a skill that is honed with experience, and you can be confident that they can tweak copy to make it sound appropriate for the business at hand.



  • Include an image.
  • Visually break up any long blocks of text.
  • Use formatting devices like headers, bullets, check marks, and numbered lists.
  • Include a call-to-action in every post.
  • Break up content into sections or steps.


Why Should You Write For Us?

we accept guest authors who are in freelancing community to share their ideas and opinions and experiences to others. In turn you can multiply the visitors for your site/blog through back-links.

How to Get Started?

It’s simple. Send a mail to press@wok.com.ng We will review your article and if it matches our guest article approval criteria, you will be intimated via mail.




July 5, 2016
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