User Manual for Freelancers

We welcome all independent professionals and agencies to join the Wok Economy, whether you are a web designer from Serbia, or a writer from Lagos or architect from Calabar, depending on your business needs, we invite you to register and work.

It has now become common knowledge that a huge number of Nigerians are unemployed and the others that are employed are under payed. Those who depend on monthly pay sometimes don’t get paid for months. So it’s important to have a side business that can give you some passive income, thats where freelancing comes in.

Working on wok can be fulfilling because you set the tone, you have absolute control of how much you want to work and how much you would like to earn. You control how you get the job done, and your clients will rely on your expertise to get started. Before you start working, consider setting up a kickoff meeting or writing a message to your client.

It’s quite common to have users register on a website and abandon their accounts. Filling out as many fields as possible to create a profile that highlights your skills, elaborates on your experience and indicates your desired fees for your task or wok.

Registered freelancers can now download the free guide here 




May 1, 2016
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