How to make money freelancing in Nigeria

It has now become common knowledge that a huge number of Nigerians are unemployed and the others that are employed are under payed. Those who depend on monthly pay sometimes don’t get paid for months. So it’s important to have a side business that can give you some passive income, thats where freelancing comes in.
There is a new freelancer website in Nigeria now, and it’s totally awesome, our support staff are vey professional and will answer all your questions within minutes.

According to one of our freelancers “new websites are popping up every time but, what the heck? “these guys are not trying to make me buy stuff I don’t need like Konga and Jumia, they are trying to make me earn money, I will try it, besides it looks legit too. It’s not free money, I actually get to put in some work, and that’s real to me.” – Ayodele Kenneth.

So how can you actually make money from Wok Nigeria,
Firstly you have to join the website of course. Please note that it’s free. Some people just join a website and vanish soon afterwards. It’s important to personalize your space by uploading a profile picture, posting as many wok as you can because the more you post the more customers you get.

Create an attractive outlook.
The website allows users to upload up to 10 photos per wok, so why upload only one? If you are a designer and you say you can design anything, wouldn’t it be logical to upload as many designs you have had in the past so that when someone visits your page on the website, they can see all your designs and trust that you can deliver quality designs.

Supply as much information as you can about your wok or service
Your success on this website will largely depend on the freelancer himself. Try as much as possible to supply details about your wok. If you are a web developer looking to sell your php skills, it’s important that you write your description as though you are talking face to face to your customer, just one line won’t sell your job. Tell your customer why he needs to hire you and not anyone else who is offering the same service on the website.

Share your job with friends on social media.
What good is it if you have a bunch of toys in your home for sale and no one knows that you have them? The website will promote your job, but you can and should also do yourself the favor. Tweet your wok link, share it on Facebook for review your friends to see. Charity begins at home, if your friends are your first customers, they will be more willing to give you a five star rating on the site. Your rating will be a valuable tool which will catapult you to the next level.

Respond on time to your customers
That first impression is key to success. Just like shopping at a mall, a customer will go through your services a couple of times before contacting you. And when they do, you will be sent an email notification . Try to respond immediately, if you don’t chances are that the customer will contact another freelancer and if the later replies faster, he will probably be the one to get the job done.
Good luck at Wok.



July 5, 2016
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